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The Wave

From Wiley Park Presentation

29th Oct 2019

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Does your phone control your life and your mood?

The first step in tackling screen use with our kids is to honestly reflect on our own phone habits. Join Dr Danielle Einstein for a FREE 5-day challenge designed to help you take back control from your phone and reconnect with your loved ones. 


Each day, Danielle will share 1 simple way you can resist the urge to reach for your phone and break the device addiction cycle.  This is not a complete 'digital detox’, it’s about small, achievable steps to stop your phone controlling your life and your relationships. 


This is a private, non-judgmental space to empower parents whose kids are struggling with screen addiction. 

Does it sound like this could benefit you? Join the FREE 5-Day challenge now!

As Featured in


The Dip


In this podcast, presenter Janina Nearn interviews author and Clinical Psychologist, Dr Danielle Einstein, about the impact technology is having on our kids and what you can do about it.

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