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About Us

Investigators in Digital Media Usage

‘The Dip’ refers to the drop in dopamine levels that follow disappointment. We look to our device for a ‘hit’ which hasn’t been fulfilled. We then crave another pick me up and start searching on our phone for any source that might provide it. We get trapped in a vicious cycle of seeking the next small high from our device. We turn to it when we feel bored, frustrated, worried. We procrastinate on our phones and it may even interrupt our concentration when we are with others we care about. When this is happening too often it can effect our mood.

Founded by Clinical Psychologist, Dr Danielle Einstein, this site has been designed to inform  the public of the effects of digital media, and act as an aid in navigating one’s relationship with digital media.

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Our Story

Initially working with clients who suffer from Anxiety and OCD, Clinical Psychologist, Dr Danielle Einstein was concerned about how the increasing use of screens in every day life may impact mental health. As an Adjunct Fellow at Macquarie University, she had been investigating how to help adolescents manage uncertainty during the period in which families began to buy smartphones. While exploring how to reach families,  she found scientific research on dopamine which showed how digital media hooks individuals in through the Ups and Downs of 'the Dip' (please watch the 2 minute video here for a powerful explanation).  

Numerous research studies now show that unchecked device use is linked to increased anxiety and reduced life satisfaction for many. Most recently, Dr Einstein's research team has published a paper exploring the impact of Social Media Use on Anxiety symptoms in teenagers. This showed that FOMO was the key moderator and that only 11% of teens suffered from anxiety as a result of social media when their FOMO was very high. 

Dr Einstein features in the upcoming documentary "Disconnect Me" ,directed by Alex Lykos which will be released in 2023.

The Dip was created to provide a space that informs the public of the effects digital media has on relationships and mood. 

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