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Resources for Counsellors

The Dip seeks to bring together clinicians passionate in influencing our clients actions when it comes to educated and healthy technology use. If you would like to participate in more training such as group supervision or workshops for working with anxiety and typical mental health presentations where device use is an issue, register and we will be in touch with details of upcoming online professional development in your area of practise.

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Meet Collaborators
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Dr Anna McKinnon

Anna is an experienced clinical psychologist with a special interest in helping children and teenagers recover from anxiety, mood and anger issues following stressful life events.


Anna is a passionate advocate of healthy screen-time use in families having frequently observed the negative impacts of screen overuse in the families she works with.


Anna is both a clinician and researcher, with PhD level qualifications.  She has had articles and chapters published in a wide range of journals and books.

If you are educated and run a practice with clear Device Use Guidelines for your clients, (routinely assess and include in treatment when relevant) we would love to connect. Please get in touch here.

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Thank you to collaborators who have helped Dr Einstein set up The dip resources.
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