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The Dip COVID19 Screen-time Initiative: 

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COVID19 has shown us the value of devices for social connection. Since March, many parents have put aside screen-time limits to cushion disappointment and cope with the stress of lockdown. 

As we emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown period to discover a ‘new normal’ (balancing the occasional closed school day and a phased return to school), it will be necessary for many families to adjust their screen-time limits. This is tricky because when children and parents turn to their phones not to communicate, but as a coping strategy for handling discomfort, research shows increased addictive phone use one month later.

The Dip is run by clinical psychologists wanting to support families change the screen-time dynamics at home in the most helpful way possible. We realise this is tough – and changing limits can trigger some big emotions from all family members.

We have launched a COVID-19 Screen-time Initiative to support parents. It is comprised of tips sheets, brief videos (explaining the role of devices in social connection and how to come alongside your child) and a free Zoom support group, running once a month. If you would like to receive these resources and/or participate in the group, please join up at the following website:

Dr Danielle Einstein & Dr Anna McKinnon

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