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The Impact of Digital Media

Digital media refers to any digital content that his been distributed using electronic devices, such as a computer, tablet or cellphone.

Digital Media might come in the form of videos, articles, music, podcasts, advertisements etc.


Digital media activity includes checking social media sites, online browsing, streaming or downloading, chatting online, video gaming, and reading online resources. 

As technology becomes a large part in today's society it is important to understand the impact of digital media and how to navigate it's effects in our everyday lives. 

Research indicates that the consumption of digital media has an affect on learning capacity, social skills, and mental health in students. 


Digital media has been shown to have an impact on academic performance, bullying and social engagement in schools. Join us as we walk through the pros and cons of introducing a phone ban within school environments. 


Digital media consumption can be difficult to manage. Explore different tips and tricks on how to manage your digital media usage at home. 

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