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The DIP COVID-19 Screen-time Support Initiative

Following the COVID-19 lockdown in Australia, children are using screens more than ever. Screens were one of the only tools available for young people to connect to the outside world.

Are you finding it difficult to put limits back in place? Is your child at a greater risk of developing unhealthy screen habits? Are they becoming less tolerant? Do you have any concerns about their willingness to return to school? Have you noticed phones appearing more frequently at the dinner table? Is your child on their phone during online lessons?


Parents are saying that they're more confused than ever about screen limits for children. 


How are we helping

We want to help families to develop healthy patterns of screen use for their family in this time of crisis. 

As such, we have developed a FREE  series of short videos and factsheets to help guide families in establishing healthy patterns of screen use for their family.

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