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The Dip seeks to bring together clinicians passionate in influencing our clients actions when it comes to educated and healthy technology use. if you would like to participate in more training such as group supervision or workshops for different presenting issues, please register and we will be in touch with details of upcoming online professional development in your area of practice.

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The Dip COVID19 Screen-time Initiative


COVID19 showed us the value of devices for social connection. Over that time many parents had put aside screen-time practices to cushion disappointment and cope with the stress of lockdown. 


After emerging from the COVID-19 lockdown period to discover a ‘new normal’ (balancing the occasional sick day), it has been necessary for many families to adjust their screen-time limits. This is tricky because when children and parents turn to their phones not to communicate, but as a coping strategy for handling discomfort, research shows increased addictive phone use one month later.

The Dip is run by clinical psychologists wanting to support clinicians and families to change the screen-time dynamics at home in the most helpful way possible. We realise this is tough – and we want families to embark on this by demonstrating strong family values.  

During COVID-19 we ran a screen-time Initiative to support parents. It was comprised of tips sheets, brief videos (explaining the role of devices in social connection and how to come alongside your child) and a free Zoom support group.

Thank you for supporting "The Dip" Initiative

Dr Danielle Einstein & Dr Anna McKinnon

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